Telescopic Loading Spouts & Bellows

STB Engineering has many years of experience in the bulk outloading sector. We can deliver telescopic loading chutes for dust-free loading of bulk solids into trucks, tankers, railcars, ships and stockpiles. Our telescopic loading spouts are carefully designed to maximise safety and eradicate material losses, reduce dust pollution and eliminating problems with local authorities.

Hennlich Engineering is the leading manufacturer of telescopic loading spouts – we have been producing them since 1996. Their bulk loading spouts eliminate dust, eradicate material losses and increase safety when working with bulk solids. They design, manufacture and deliver telescopic loading spouts for dust-free loading of bulk solids into tankers, railcars, trucks, ships and stockpiles.

Each bulk outloading spout design is determined by the following:

  • product being handled
  • product characteristics (abrasive, corrosive, explosive, hygroscopic etc.)
  • loading rate
  • particle size
  • product bulk density
  • Retracted and extended length
  • Operating temperature (ambient, product)

We have three types of loading chute to suit your needs: tanker loading spout; truck/wagon/open pile loading spout; combined loading spout. We are also happy to create customised solutions for your bulk solid loading needs.  For example: Want to load more efficiently?

A loading spout with a spreader is the best choice!

This unique spout is used for loading light products that leave an empty space in the tanker when they are gravity loaded. That makes shipping more expensive.

The spreader‘s motor is situated in the bottom of the loading spout and is operated by a frequency convertor that assures the material is spread evenly into the tanker.

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STB’s wealth of knowledge, coupled with over 50 years bulk materials handling experience, ensures technically assured results and performance time after time.
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