Pulse Phase Conveying Systems

The pulse pump was developed as an efficient solution to the problems of pneumatically conveying cohesive powders.

The pulse pump separates the product into discrete ‘plugs’ of powder and air in the pipeline. It does this by using an air knife system, enabling the product to be easily transported, with the product sliding through the pipeline rather than particles being fully suspended in the air stream. The pulse pump enables the following gains to be made:

  • High product / air ratios of up to 500:1
  • Smaller pipelines can be used
  • Low conveying velocities
  • Reduced pipeline wear
  • Reduced product degradation
  • Low air volumes, reducing receiving vessel air filter size
  • Low air consumption, hence reduced operating costs
  • Conveying rates up to 10 tonne/hr
  • System can be arranged for continuous operation