Pulse Flow Conveying Systems

Pulse Flow or Dune Flow conveying is used to convey regular granular products that need to be handled gently. Product flows in a pulse or wave over a moving bed of materials.

Pulse flow conveying is regulated through the use of an intelligent control system that monitors the flow path of the product, the conveying air velocity and pressure and the pulse flow condition, carefully regulating the system to maintain the correct and precise conveying condition.

Using pulse flow conveying, transfer rates up to 20 tonne/hr can be achieved and conveying velocities as low as 4m/s and as high as 15m/s thereby substantially reducing product damage and fines accumulation.

The pulse flow system offers many potential benefits, such as the ability to use smaller pipelines, low air consumption thereby reducing operating costs, reduced bend and pipe wear and attrition, as well as reducing product degradation.

Pulse /Dune Flow

 Pulse Flow Pneumatic Conveying