Medium Phase Conveying Systems

In a process where the amount of air circulated through its volume and velocity is decreased, allowing for an influx of product in its place, medium phase conveying is an often integral part of the pneumatic conveying system’s functioning.

As the stream of particles pass through the line and the conveying air velocity is reduced, the particles reach a point of saltation velocity whereby they start dropping out of the air stream and start to form a bed of material that’s ever-moving along the bottom of the pipe.

For a “medium phase system” – the air velocity itself is expertly controlled by an intelligent speed control and monitoring system, which controls the blower output, monitors the pressure and air velocity and ensures that the particles travel just above the suspension point.

STB Engineering have been providing specialist pneumatic conveying technology since its founding in 1969, becoming the UK’s leader in Bulk Material Handling and Pneumatic Conveying.

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  • Conveying pressures up to 1.0 barg
  • Medium product / air ratio, generally 15-30:1
  • Suitable for fragile or friable materials
  • Conveying velocities 8-18 m/s