Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The dense phase vacuum conveying system pump is a batching system designed to pneumatically convey free-flowing powders in a fluidised state. The vessel is charged with product and fluidising air is introduced through a porous membrane. On opening the discharge valve, fluidised product enters the pipeline and is transported to the receiving vessel, with the product sliding through the pipeline rather than particles being fully suspended in the air stream. The dense phase conveying system design enables the following gains to be made:

  • Product / air ratios of up to 150:1 can be achieved
  • Smaller pipelines can be used
  • Lower conveying velocities
  • Reduction in pipeline wear
  • Reduction in product degradation
  • Conveying rates up to 10 tonne/hr
  • System can be arranged for continuous operation

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are designed to be a simple and effective method of transferring material from a single collection point to either a single or multiple reception points.  It can be used to transfer difficult, abrasive or friable materials. The flow of material in dense phase conveying is not continuous, it is plug flow, the material moves in pockets.

The dense phase conveying system design is made specifically to reduce the amount of pipeline wear and it can be used to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity.

In dense phase conveying systems, due to the less amount of air being used, the conveying velocity is less when compared to lean (dilute) phase conveying.  Also, the main difference between dense phase pneumatic conveying and dilute phase is that in the case of dense phase conveying the SOLID TO AIR RATIO is high.

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