For plastics and bulk polymer industries we offer expertise in system solutions for handling many types of polymer, both granular and powder, as well as many additives – for example we have installed over 70 PVC mixing plants and our pneumatic conveying systems feed hundreds of extruders and moulding machines.

STB offer recipe control PLC systems to enable complete automation of ingredient feeding systems including the weighing, feeding and transfer of multiple ingredients and transfer to mixers and process lines.

Systems can include:

  • Blending, mixing and pulverising systems
  • Additives handling: TiO2, fillers, colours, blowing agents, stabilisers
  • Weighing: batch, loss of weight, continuous, gravimetric
  • Big bag and sack handling systems
  • Accurate dosing and feeding
  • Blending cones and anti-seg silos
Polymers Handling STB Engineering Blending Cones Anti-seg Silos
STB’s wealth of knowledge, coupled with over 50 years bulk materials handling experience, ensures technically assured results and performance time after time.
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