Industrial Dust Collectors & Extraction Systems

Dust Collectors:

Hennlich Engineering manufactures dust collectors (filtering equipment) for various industrial applications. They produce low-performance standalone dust collectors for local filtration as well as high-performance modular dust collectors which can be easily combined to form assemblies with the required flowrate.

Dust collectors will often play a pivotal role within a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Hennlich Engineering is proud to manufacture and supply numerous modular units based around the needs of the customer in question. Some of the areas where these unique devices can prove to be very useful include:

  • Grinding mills
  • Steel and slag production facilities
  • Grain silos
  • Planing and polishing shops
  • CNC machining and generalised production tasks

Thanks to a proprietary recovery system known as JET-PULS, clients can remain confident that even small particulate matter will be eliminated from the work environment.

The Benefits of Our Dust Collectors

Any industrial dust collector will only be effective if servicing issues are kept to a bare minimum. The units designed by Hennlich Engineering can stand up to challenging workplace conditions while they will require very little upkeep. Their compact nature makes them ideal for smaller and modular applications. However, larger dimensions are likewise available for more demanding tasks (such as when used within a large grain silo). Our collectors will then return any dust to a bag or container for easy disposal (or to be returned into the workflow) when required.

Dust Collectors Brochure

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