Five industries which use Pneumatic Conveying Regimes

Here at STB Engineering, we are very proud of our pneumatic conveying systems, which we have been developing and refining for over 45 years. As a specialist pneumatic conveying system manufacturer, it is particularly satisfying to see our regimes being used by process industries across the country to transport their granules and powders as far as they need to go.

While many process industries make use of our pneumatic conveying systems, some of them are not at all similar. Here are five of the industries that make great use of pneumatic conveying regimes on a daily basis.


The food industry is an enormous industry that constantly demands higher levels of hygiene and efficiency. That’s why it is increasingly turning to our pneumatic conveying systems to transport their materials in bulk, as they are more hygienic and versatile than more conventional mechanical conveying methods.

Pneumatic conveying systems can be used to convey a wide variety of foods. These can encompass essentials such as rice, wheat, oats, maize, cereals, seeds and grains, sugar and salt to powders such as flour, starch, gluten, milk & whey powder, bakery ingredients, additives, flavours. Our systems are even used to convey animal and pet foods in much the same way. Our high profile customers in the food industry include Unilever (Walls Ice Cream), Kerry Foods, Dairy Crest, Weetabix, Kelloggs, Cadbury, Burtons Biscuits, Birds Eye, Batchelors, Ryvita, Heinz and Warburton.


The unique demands of the pharmaceutical industry mean that any conveying systems used in the industry must be designed and implemented to good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. These guidelines might include certification of materials by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), operational safety and making systems easy to clean.

Vacuum conveying, associated with dilute phase conveying systems, has long been popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to the suction’s ability to make sure that all powder remains contained within the system. Pharmaceutical companies we are lucky to have had as customers include Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.


Products can be hazardous in the chemical industry, requiring provisions such as explosion hazards, dust control, environmental protection and cross contamination control. That’s why the pneumatic conveying systems we provide to this industry are fully compliant with the ATEX directive, the EU regulation concerning explosive atmospheres. Our clients in this industry include Ineos, ICI, DuPont and Huntsman Chemicals. 


We have extensive experience with designing handling and conveying systems for the mineral industry. Examples of how these systems are used in this industry include in slurry mixing tanks and handling minerals like lime, cement, coal, sand and ash, with ECCI, Imerys, Fosroc, Marley, British Coal among our clients.


The plastics and polymers industry is the one which we have most extensively served since STB formed in 1969, helping it to handle and store all their materials used in their blending, mixing, pulverising, extruding and moulding processes including granular and powder polymers and additives. We have now installed over 70 PVC mixing plants and our pneumatic conveying systems feed hundreds of extrusion and moulding machines in the plastics industry. We count the likes of Polypipe, Eurocell, Freefoam, Honeywell, Kautex Unipart, Caradon, Cork Plastics and Anglian Windows as our esteemed clients.

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