A Comprehensive Range of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Can you remember a time when all granular, powder, or flake materials were moved manually from one place to another? Think of how much time and energy this took. Now you can choose from different types of innovative pneumatic conveying systems. STB Engineering have over 40 years of experience in pneumatic conveying technology and we offer a superb range of systems that can help your business. Could you imagine a tailor-made solution that’s specific to your unique business requirements? This is exactly what we can provide you with. What pneumatic systems can we offer you?

Dilute Phase and Vacuum Systems

How can you efficiently convey granules, power, or flake products? The most basic way is by using the dilute or lean phase system. Any material that is transported is suspended is the air and blown into a pipeline and eventually passes through an air separator. The product is collected into a receiving hopper where it can be processed. Although this is the most straightforward pneumatic conveying system, it works effectively as we design and test all our equipment in-house. Our vacuum systems work in a similar way to the dilute phase system. However, any products that leak from this system are retained internally, rather than escaping into the air.

Medium Phase Conveying

Medium pneumatic conveying system has a higher concentration of products to air ratio than dilute phase systems. When the powder, flake, or granular particles reach the gas velocity, the products fall out of the air and are collected at the base of the moving pipeline. More particles are conveyed using medium phase low velocity than lean phase systems and we offer a good range of systems for you to choose from.

Pulse Phase Conveying

The pulse phase conveying system was developed specifically for transporting cohesive powders. Rather conveying these products through the air, they slide through the pipeline. There are many benefits to using this system, including a higher rate of products to air ratios, lower product degradation, use of smaller pipelines, etc.

Pulse Flow Conveying

What if your business handles delicate granular products? Then the pulse or dune flow conveying system could be perfect for your business. This method of transportation gently moves your products slowly in a wave like motion over a moving bed of materials. This ensures that there is minimal abrasions or breakdown of any products. How much materials can be transported in this way? You can expect to achieve around 20 tons per hour.

Dense Phase Conveying

The dense phase conveying system is excellent for transporting abrasive, difficult, friable materials. Lower velocity dense phase systems protect your products and reduces the amount of separation of the material being conveyed. What impact does this method have on your conveying system? This conveyor system puts less pressure on your pipeline meaning that there is less wear and tear and hence, greater longevity. This is one of the most productive conveyer systems that we can offer you.

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