Weld Overlay Cladding

STB are now able to offer weld overlay cladding services, with services including corrosion resistant cladding solutions for flange faces, ring grooves, flanges bores and much more, complimented by full NDT services, project management and full project documentation.


Weld overlay cladding is a process that provides protection for metallic components by welding a layer of corrosion-resistant alloy to areas at risk of corrosion and wear. It can be applied to an entire component, or only to specific areas of concern. Typical components clad by STB Engineering include pipes, valves, flanges, connectors, and elbows, as well as more complex geometries such as tee pieces and Y-pieces.

Benefits of Cladding

Fully cladding a carbon steel component with alloy 625, as opposed to producing it in solid alloy, can reduce costs by as much as 60%.
Only clad the areas at risk. Typical areas include pipe bores, connector seals, ring grooves, valve seats and flange faces.
Select appropriate overlay materials for your application.
Buy carbon steel components off-the-shelf and clad them in days, rather than waiting 12-16 weeks for specialist forgings.
Exotic alloy castings can include sub-surface defects. Cladding the surface produces a very high-quality layer with minimal imperfections.
A full range of NDT provides reassurance of quality

Close up detail of flange weld overlay

Pipe Cladding

Protect internal piping from high-pressure corrosive fluids through specialist weld overlay pipe cladding. The process prevents corrosion and damage to pipe systems and avoids potential repair and replacement issues.

Valve Cladding

Valves introduce high pressure points along a pipe system. STB Engineering’s robotic arms allow for 360 degrees of continuous welding from pipe to valve, retaining the overall core strength of the system.

Flange Cladding

Flanges are crucial points in pipework that introduce high pressure points in the overall system. Effective overlay cladding prevents corrosion of the pressure points and stabilises the pipeline throughout the system.

Specialist Fabrication

Effective specialist fabrication is required on a wide range of systems across countless industries. STB Engineering are able to combine core activities of weld overlay cladding and our long standing specialist fabrication side to prevent corrosion at critical points in aggressive environments.

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