Bulk Feeding Bins

STB’s wealth of experience in providing weighing and feeding systems ensures the correct system is installed to achieve the most cost effective and technically assured results.

  • Volumetric feeders and dosing screws
  • Silo weigh systems
  • Process weigh hoppers and batch weighing
  • Loss in weight systems, gravimetric feeders
  • Automated weigh and feed control
  • Mechanical handling and conveying systems

When dealing with the production and manipulation of bulk materials within the workplace, accuracy and efficiency are key in terms of ROI. STB Engineering provides a wide range of bulk material feeding machines; each intended to accommodate a very unique purpose. Our ultimate goal is to provide a cost-effective and yet streamlined means of transporting materials from one station or receptacle to another. Whether referring to closed silo systems, gravimetric feeders or hoppers, our ability to handle large volumes of material offers the customer superior levels of quality control.

Built Around the Needs of the Customer

All of our bulk material feeding units are designed to meet stringent specifications. STB Engineering is certified through the ISO 9001 scheme and we are a member of UKAS Management Systems. Therefore, clients can remain confident that we are capable of addressing nearly every industrial need. Whether these units are required for batch weighing, feed control or they will be employed in conjunction with existing volumetric feeders, integration within any system is never an issue. We boast a great deal of experience within this sector and therefore, we are more than happy to consult with a client to determine which bulk feeding system is the best option.

Bulk Materials Feeding STB Engineering
STB’s wealth of knowledge, coupled with over 50 years bulk materials handling experience, ensures technically assured results and performance time after time.
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