Sack Tipping

When raw materials arrive in a 25 Kg bag and not in big bags, our range of sack tipping and discharge stations provide a fast, simple and safe, dust free method of manually emptying bags and sacks containing powders and granules. Sack tipping stations also provide a safe solution to avoid back injures to workers when emptying heavy, awkward bags and sacks.

Systems typically include:

  • Dust extraction using reverse jet dust filters with fan – this provides a through draught of air, ensuring any dust from the sack is drawn up into the sack tip unit and away from the operators face.
  • Level probes for contents control and impact vibrators, aeration and stirrers for clean discharge.
  • Dosing and feeding devices.
  • Weighing systems and controllers.
Manual Sack Tipping STB Engineering Discharge Systems
Sack Tipping Big Bag Emptying Station STB Engineering Ltd

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