STB’s wealth of experience in providing weighing and feeding systems ensures the correct system is installed to achieve the most cost effective and technically assured results.

  • Volumetric feeders and dosing screws
  • Silo weigh systems
  • Process weigh hoppers and batch weighing
  • Loss in weight systems, gravimetric feeders
  • Automated weigh and feed control
  • Mechanical handling and conveying systems

Accurately measuring bulk materials can be challenging, although it is a vital part of any operation. However, with bulk materials weighing systems from STB Engineering, the challenge disappears. Our experience means you will find the ideal bulk materials weighing system.  We will work closely with you to provide a system that meets all your needs, whilst improving automation, efficiency, accuracy and output.

Gain in weight and Loss in Weight are the most widely adapted solutions for ingredient/product weighing.  Weighing systems are designed to suit batching or continuous feed/weighing requirements.

Batch Feeding and Weighing Systems-There are two principle batching methods for weighing and feeding bulk materials ie gain in weight & loss in weight:-

A gain in weight batching system includes volumetric metering devices, such as screw feeders etc,that transfer the product/ingredient to a hopper on load cells. The loss in weight batching system incorporates gravimetric feeding devices, such as loss-in-weight screw/vibratory feeders, which are mounted on individual load cells or scales.  Continuous and volumetric feeding are often a consideration.  All weighing/feeding systems are dependent on the complexity and accuracy of the required solution/operation.

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