Bag Palletizing and Wrapping Systems

Robot Bag Palletizing Machine with Vacuum Grip

Manipulation and transport of pallets and bags until 35 Kg.

  • Possibility of palletizing to 2 destinations for high speed production.
  • It is mounted on an adjustable stand.
  • Includes fences and security access.
  • Very compact cells and minimum space occupation.
  • Greater versatility and easy creation of mosaics thanks to the Arco Packaging software developed for the end-user.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Avoids external pallet feeder, it is incorporated with it’s own manipulation gripper.
  • Wide range of palletizing cells.

Vacuum Gripper:

  • Vacuums with extra absorption.
  • It allows to hold two bags simultaneously.
  • Collection system for empty pallet.
  • Pneumatic drives with valve block at 24 V dc.
  • Pneumatic supply at 6 bar of pressure and minimum flow 700 Nl/min

The robot palletizer is one of the top pieces of equipment for making life easier in a warehouse, packing plant, or any other location where boxes need to be lifted with strength and precision onto pallets at a variety of levels. The robot palletizer can be used in workspaces of all sizes, from small studios to large industrial warehouses. There are a wide variety of different palletizing robots on the market, and so you can purchase the machine that suits your needs (for example, the payload and the amount of reach that you require for your projects).

Robot palletizers work by grasping, lifting and depositing boxes or other items when and where is required. There are several special design aspects that you can choose for your palletizing robot. One option is a magnetic grip, which is perfect for lifting metal items. So make sure to take a look at the various options that are available on the market to ensure that you get the perfect equipment for your needs.

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Robot Palletizer with Vacuum Grip Video

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