Bag Machines

Pneumatic Bag Machines

High performance packing machines, designed for filling bags of different type products, such as dry mix, cement, plaster, gypsum, flour and other. Distinguishing characteristic of this type of machine is their use for dusty products, due to the incorporation of special filters to remove dust. Bags filled through fluidification by compressed air blow. Thoughtful design of the machines allows the attachment of bags as a robotic arm and hand. If a manual bagging machine is initially installed, it is possible to install automatic arm with minimum time needed for installaton and does not require any modifications in the machines, because they already have built in, the possibility for upgrades in the future. Also, optionally, you can install storage of empty bags that reduce time on the maintenance of the machine.

Areas of application:

  • ENM Version – Mortars, Dry mix, Cement, Gypsum
  • ENY Version – Plasters, Pigmented renders, Tile adhesives
  • ENH Version – Flour, Semolina
  • Bags filled through fluidification by compressed air blow.
  • Manual or Automatic machines.
  • Low maintenance due to the absence of mechanical elements of the drive product.
  • Machine with control equipment AE-9220P.EN.
Automatic Vertical Bag Machines STB Engineering

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